Surrender birth certificate to treasury


Your STRAWMAN I.D. was created by the State that created a second original Birth Certificate for the UNITED STATES Government under the Uniform Commercial Code, UCC, the code of laws that the FEDERAL RESERVE Bank Attorneys created in order to make you a human slave to be used as corporate labor collateral to pay off the UNITED STATES Corporate. About Certificate. Can I surrender my Birth certificate into the well of the Court as the living soul beneficiary of the person they have written on their indictment and assert my rights under UCC 1-308, while letting them know I've surrounded the person and bond certificate to the Court, since my God given name is not on there document, as the all capitalized. The STATEGOVERNMENT are the Trustees. They are the creators of the birth certificate trust and you as the beneficiaries, are the ones who can lawfully benefit from your trust and its assets. The STATEGOVERNMENT are acting in fraud because they are benefiting from your birth certificate bondtrust. This is why, taking control of your strawman. Utilizing YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts (Birth CertificateStrawman TrustBond) Tuesday, July 18, 2017 By Justin Deschamps 109 Comments. We all agree that we have to surrender our birth certificate to the Treausury. However, the thing is we must send it by registered mail, send it to a street address and addressed it to the individual in.
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. 1) State Certified Birth Certificate endorsedin Red, signed and datedon the front and the back of the birth certificate 2) Registered Mail Form completed 3) Form 56 completed & printed 4).




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